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chicken dancer

The Chicken Dance

So ... You want to have some fun with color changes... scroll down and have fun changing the background color on this page... :)

To change the background color just move your mouse over the color of your choice.

[Aquamarine] [Sea Green] [Forest Green] [Olive Drab] [Green] [Red] [Magenta] [Fusia] [Pink] [Light Pink] [Hot Pink] [Deep Pink] [Purple] [Dark Orchid] [Orchid] [Plum] [Navy] [Blue] [Royal Blue] [Sky Blue] [Cadet Blue] [Steel Blue] [Cyan] [Cyan3] [Yellow] [Light Yellow] [Tan] [Brown] [Gold] [Beige] [White] [Black] [Gray] [Coral] [Cranberry] [Medium Violet Red] [Orange] [Orange 2] [Tomato]

Yikes!!!!! now how did we do that ????? Just another simple little piece of coding is how :)

[<a href="main.html" onmouseover="document.bgColor='43b7ba'">Aquamarine</a>] [<a href="main.html" onmouseover="document.bgColor='seagreen'">Sea Green</a>]


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Want more info on MouseOver?? Go to Joe Barta's MouseOver . I know I keep pushing him on you *L* But he really has the best site I found for teaching html.


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