Image Placement

Now you want to put those graphics in that you saved and uploaded to your own directory ... (you did remember to save and upload to your own directory didn't you?????)If not return to Saving Graphics If you did then... GOOD ... now we can continue with our lesson.

Placing Images in your page is really easy.

I cannot resist..... This is me!!!
pic of me

Well.. you may as well know who is teaching you this stuff!!! *L*
No Blonde jokes either!!!!!! Those are dark roots you see there... I am smart. Well I pretend I am *ROFL*

Okay... here is the code to place a graphic on your page.
<IMG SRC="me88a.jpg" WIDTH="32" HEIGHT="32"> Of course you know that the name you gave the graphic is what goes in between the " " marks.

Wow.. that was way too easy... guess I better find something more to add to this lesson...
Oh.. I know.. this is where I should tell you that you should always put the "alt" code in your graphic. It shows people what is going to be loaded.. also if you know the size... You should put it in there.. It helps your page load faster. So now it should look like this..
<IMG SRC="me88a.jpg" ALT="Pic of me" width"90" height="100">
just keep it all inside the < >

Hey.. what do you think of this?
pic of me

Neat huh? Well I'm not even going to waste my time telling you how to do it. I'm going to send you straight to Joe. It is the greatest page I found that teaches "TABLES" and also "FRAMES" . Go here to learn Tables Joe's Table Tutor
I will however tell you that the reason the Table border is green is because of the "BODY BGCOLOR" I placed along with the background you see here. (You just learned that in "Beginning a Homepage"). :)

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