Saving & Uploading Graphics

So... Now you are getting brave and want to start a homepage for yourself huh???
Great!!!!!!!!! :) You can do it, it really isn't that hard, but there is ONE very IMPORTANT thing you need to remember!!!!
#1. Never never steal bandwidth - That means... when you see a background or a graphic that you want to use on your page, you DO NOT use the url that graphic is located at. You must save it and upload it to your own server.
Reasons for this: People tend to move or delete the graphics they have and you may find one day that your graphic is no longer showing on your page.
Also - You will find that your page loads faster when it is in your own directory.

okay ... you say... "How do I do this?" well it isn't that hard.


1. Right click your mouse on the graphic you want. A screen pops up. find "Save as" or "Save" or whatever save option your browser says.
2. Left click on the "save as" and a screen pops up of your hard drive. You have to save it someplace that you will be able to find it when you are ready to upload. The best place is really to save it on disc. If you save it on your hard drive you should have a separate file for pictures. We are going to save everything on a disc for this lesson.
3. You will see "save in" and a file name will be showing.. then an arrow next to it. click the arrow. your directories will pop up in a screen. choose your A: drive as we are going to save it on a floppy disc.
4. Once you have chosen your A: drive you need to give it a file name. down at the bottom of the little screen, it says file name. Yes there is already a name in it.. It is the name the person who made it gave it. If you like the name of it keep it... if not change the name to something that you will be able to identify the graphic as.
5. Hit save... voila... you now have saved your graphic on your floppy disc and it is ready to be uploaded to your own homepage directory.

Here is my little Pennsylvania Friends Web Ring button. If you right click on your mouse you will see on your "save" screen down at the name of the file it says "pafriendbtn" Well to me that is a good name for it. :) But maybe it is too long for you. Then just erase in that screen and change the name to maybe "pabtn". Don't forget of course to also change the "save in" file to your A: drive for floppy disc.

Okay... we've conquered SAVE!!!!!! Now what do we do with it after we saved it????


There are two ways to upload your pictures to your homepage directory. Either by their online management site or by your FTP program. There are a few programs out there... one of which is Cute FTP which I use.
But for your lesson here we are going to assume that you are going into your homepage directory online and uploading from there......
If you are using Netscape you will find it very very easy to "upload" graphics to your own directory. Explorer users.... you are on your own, you have to FTP to your homepage server if you don't see the "Browse" button.... ( I don't use Explorer but probably later versions of Explorer now show browse button ... I don't know) My suggestion is GO GET NETSCAPE!

Where ever your homepage is located... whether it be Tripod, Fortune City, Geocities, Free Yellow... after going into your directory look for where it says "upload files". If you are using Netscape you will see a "Browse" button.
1. Click on browse and a screen pops up like it did for save. Only now it says "Look in". Again... you have to click on the arrow and find your A: drive.
2. Locate the graphic that you want to upload and click on it once to highlight it. You will notice that it will pop in the next space below where the file name goes. Click "okay". Now you will see it sitting in your directory box with the browse button beside it..
3. Hit "Upload" or "Upload file" or whatever your homepage company says.
4. Voila.... you have now uploaded the graphic or background that you want to use in your homepage.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!! Always give credit on your page to the person that made the graphic!!!!!
It is NETiquette!!!! See "How do I Link and Stuff"

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