Making Links and Other Good Stuff

WOW.. It is getting easier isn't it??? Now it's time to learn some of the neat things you want to do on your page.

Let's make a link
I want to link this page to my Make a Note of It page because that is where you will learn how to put midis and wavs in your page. :)
hmmmmm.. Now how did I do that?? okay... I guess this is where I tell you *G*
<A HREF="lesson5.html"> Make a Note of It </A>

Now.. what if I wanted to give credit to the person that I got my graphic or background from. And they had this neat little graphic they told me to use to link back to them... easy as pie again.. :)

Now you can click on the button above and go straight to my graphics and backgrounds that I offer. AHEM!!!! Do remember that it is a no no to use the url of the graphics from my pages to put on your page... You must save them and upload to your own server.
Oh yeah... forgot where I was..... You need to know how I made that graphic into a link right... okay.. you do it like this..
<A HREF="../artindex.html"><IMG SRC="../Cherdon/cherdonbtn2.jpg" WIDTH="75" HEIGHT="39"></A>
Heyyyyyy... What is that ugly blue line around the linked graphic??? Well guess we should get rid of it... again... easy as pie.. :)
just add Border=0 in the IMG SRC part of the link. <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="../Cherdon/cherdonbtn2.jpg" BORDER=0 WIDTH="75" HEIGHT="39"></A>
...... so this..... will give you

Wow.. was that easy...

Okay... time for some fun stuff!!!!

Underline ... <U>Underline </U>
Blink ... <BLINK>Blink </BLINK>
Pretty neat huh?? :)

Well that's all for this lesson... Have fun .... and Make that homepage!

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