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No offense meant... *grin*

I'm just going to jump right in with a few tricks of the trade I've learned over the past year. I hope some of the ideas help you.

1. Do you have a banner that you display in people's guestbooks? I hate it when I read a guest book in frames and I click on someone's banner to go to their page and I stay in the frame of someone elses page. :( Well if you have a banner add this code at the end




Click on the banner below and see how you will be taken completely to a new browser page ...

It should open up a new browser page so click on the first browser to put it back out in front because this page is just hiding behind the new one.


Also .. if you are a person who has frames on your page, then put the Target="top" on all of your links that go to other peoples pages or places. That way a new browser will open to their page and they can return to finish looking at your pages by returning to the first browser. :):):)

2. How about your music in your homepage..... Did you know that many people surf late at night or early in the morning... If you have your volume set to 50 +..... They jump right out of their skin. Turn it down a bit... Don't be afraid to put a volume control in your page to let them turn it up and down... It is terrible when I run frantically looking for the stop button on a page to make that LOUD music stop. My volumes are set between 10 & 15 and there is always a volume control to allow my guests to turn it up or down themselves. (This is for the few to many people who do not have controls on their speakers at their computer..... yes they do exist) :)

Here is how to set your volume in your page.

just add

<VOLUME=13> in your midi url.




You will hear this... go ahead click the PLAY button...

Now.. if you are really feeling brave.... I dare ya ... click this one and hear your wonderful VOLUME=50... I hope your family isn't in bed

[sometimes this one won't work.. grrrrr.. if not.. play the top one again and move the controls half way up to hear volume=50.. sorry for the inconvenience :( .... ] EEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

You still have hearing left?????

I'm just saying ..... not everyone has the same kind of sound system on their computers. I have my volume on my computer set as low as it can be set with out turning it off completely. I have no volume control at all on my speakers....So be kind... *smile* add the volume and control buttons on your midi selections.

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The following are a few of other great links for teaching you html. There are many great places out there but these are a few I like to use.

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use color picker and see what it will look like with your text

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