Now you are ready to make a page...

The following are the codes you need to make a custom page. Of course you replace the urls with your own.

<HTML> <TITLE> Beginning a Homepage </TITLE>

All pages start with
<HTML> and end with </HTML>
All pages should have a TITLE. Notice way up top in the dark blue area of your screen... It says Beginning a Homepage. This is done by the above example of <TITLE>Beginning a Homepage </TITLE> You should always put a title. It is what people see when they "bookmark" your page.

NEXT: Now you want a background .... well you need a body within your HTML so it will look like this <BODY BACKGROUND="spekl2.gif">
this will place the background on your page.
Suppose you don't want a background.... you just want color... okay.. then you write it like this

Ever see a page that starts to load first with a background color and then a background pops in on top??? Easy as pie... do this
<BODY BGCOLOR="pink" BACKGROUND="spekl2.gif">
First you will see the pink background as your page loads... then the blue speckle background will pop in on top of it.
You should take note here that everything you type is really sensitive. Make one little error and it will throw your whole page into a hizzy fit! Pay attention to spaces and the little " " marks... they are important.

Now you want some words on your page ....
You have to select a size and a color .. for example at the top of this page you see...


This was attained by typing the font size and color I chose for the words like this <FONT SIZE=+4 COLOR="990066">HTML CODES </FONT> I wanted mine centered in the page so I need to add the proper codes to do that <FONT SIZE=+4 COLOR="990066"> <CENTER>HTML CODES </CENTER></FONT>
Notice that for every order you give there is a "/" to end it also

When you want to make your words smaller or larger then you just change the font size and test it to see what size is best for you.

Have you been wondering how I'm skipping lines?? well placing a <BR> will simply move it to the next line
like this..
and this
But placing 2 or more of them <BR><BR> will make it skip lines.

Now we have to end the document... Remember for every code you place in your page you need to stop the code when you are done.
We closed the "Title" in the beginning when we were done. Then we closed "Center". Now it is time to close the "BODY" and end the "HTML".
You do that by putting </BODY></HTML>

So Your codes for setting up a page like this would be:
<HTML><TITLE>Beginning a Homepage </TITLE> <BODY BGCOLOR="pink" BACKGROUND="spekl2.gif"> <FONT SIZE=+4 COLOR="990066"> <CENTER>HTML CODES </CENTER></FONT> <FONT SIZE=3 COLOR="990066"> Now you are ready to make a page... <BR><BR> blah blah blah the rest of your page .... </FONT></BODY></HTML>

Hey.... how did I make that bold????? neat.... add this <B>Your words here blah blah blah</B>

Time to Move on to another lesson.....

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