Wart Removal

This is one that was tried by a member of my family and I swear it worked!!!!!

The warts were all over his hands along his cuticles in small clusters and one on his knee was at least the width of a quarter and the depth of a nickle... It was a very huge cluster.

He'd tried many things including going to the doctors and having them burnt off... but they came back within 1 month uglier and bigger.

He tried the famous liquid wart removers.

He tried milk weed too... but try getting that in the winter time.. *laugh*

Finally an old woman way up in the mountain told him to try this ...

BITE OFF a couple of the warts, chew them up and swallow them.. "yuk" and then everyday "SPIT" on each and every wart with salavia.

He laughed at her and thought she was nuts... but went home and thought what can hurt to try... he tried everything else.

Lo and behold I'm telling you ..... every single wart is now GONE!!! after only two weeks of "spitting".

After having these warts for years and not being able to get rid of them and all of a sudden to have them be gone within 2 weeks... Is it a miracle??? Is there something to these "Old Wives Tales"??? What caused them to go away??

My theory - - - - What is in a flu shot??? a small dose of the flu right??? What is in a small pox shot?? a small dose of it??? Well maybe it makes sense then that by chewing the wart and swallowing it ... it put the antibodies in the system that were needed to combat the warts!!!!

If anybody has another theory ... I sure would like to hear from you!!!

IMPORTANT!!! I am in no way offering this as medical advice, but passing it on as information that may be of interest ... You should always talk with your doctor about your medical concerns.

The Following are responses from people

It was suggested that this is nothing more than *mind over matter* as this person stated that they put rubbing alcohol in a medicine bottle and daily rubbed it on the other person's warts telling her the whole time that soon the medicine would make them all gone and as she believed in the medicine ....... her warts disappeared.

Another email really challenged the theory when he stated that if it was so simple to be rid of warts with an antibodie then why haven't scientists developed a vaccine to elimate and/or prevent genital warts. I don't know anything at all about genital warts but are they considered to be in the same category as the warts on your hands? This one is for the experts.... not me!!!

NOTE: 11/00 - It is interesting that I have lately received many emails regarding this page. Many have thanked me, many have stated they were going to try it, many have said they are considering it........

UPDATE: 12/27/00 - an email received and I quote "I told a friend at work about the wart removal steps that I found by accident on the web while looking for remedies to remove warts. John had tried everything and nothing helped at least for no long period of time. As disgusting as it sounded he did exactly what you said to do, and it really worked!! John has not had any warts on his hands since he tried this remedy and it will be a year ago since he tried this."

01/24/01 - an email with the following suggestion .....Take a potato and cut it in half. Rub one half on the wart and put it in the windowsill. Throw the other half away. When the potato in the windowsill dries up your wart should be gone. It took two times, but the wart is gone after years of trying everything including doctors.

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