Aching Legs

Do your legs ache ? Whether it be *growing pains* or *arthritis pains*
or just tired and achy from standing all day.

This Old Wives Tale worked for us !!!

My daughter suffered a long time growing up with leg aches. We attributed it to growing pains.

Finally one day my Mom said toss a bar of soap in her bed!! Her legs will quit aching.

As a young adult she still sleeps with a bar of soap in her bed.


I had forgotten about the cure ....

My husband started complaining about his legs feeling like toothaches all the time.
After a month it didn't go away and he would get up and sit in a recliner
all night so he didn't wake me with his constant moaning and groaning.
One day ... I was telling my mom about his legs, she reminded me about the bar of soap.
I had totally forgotten it. I grabbed a bar of Jergens and tossed it in. Within a week my husband stopped
complaining about his legs. I asked him if they still hurt and he said
"You know .. it is the strangest thing .. but they just quit aching a few days ago."
I told him about the bar of soap. After my cure of my hands with the medicine rock he
certainly did not laugh about the soap. Now a month later ..... no leg aches .... the soap stays in the bed.


You can use any brand of soap that you want. I used what I had on the shelf.
My daughter thinks Irish Spring works best, but I don't like the smell of it in my bed.
Just take any bar that you want and place it in between the sheets at the foot of your bed.
Leave it there and every couple of months toss a new bar in.


IMPORTANT!!! I am in no way offering this as medical advice, but passing it on as information that may be of interest ...
You should always talk with your doctor about your medical concerns.


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