Medicine Rock

Unbelievable..... The Medicine Rock..... An old Indian Way....

I suffer from carpal tunnel. Oh how much it hurts.... Once it starts it just keeps getting progressively worse. Mine started January-99 and has just gotten worse to the point where I started wearing wrist bands and taking motrin constantly.
I would wake up in the morning with my fingers on my right hand so stiff I could not move them. They tingled constantly and by the end of the day they would be throbbing in pain which ran from my two middle fingers right up through my wrist.

One day while in a chatroom a wonderful man in California said to me.... You need a "Medicine Rock" .....
A what?????
Yep.. Medicine Rock ....
Here is what he said.
Go to the river... and look at the rocks in the water. Find one that you believe in.
HUH??? just a plain stupid rock????
he said... any rock really will do if you believe in it... but a quartz rock is best.
You take the rock in your hand and squeeze it. Take it to bed at night and leave it in your hand and every time you wake up give it a squeeze. Not so hard as to make your hand hurt ... just enough to feel the pressure.

I don't have nice quartz rocks here.
This wonderful person went out in the bright moonlight to a river in the middle of the night. He found a rock that called out to him and mailed it to me right away.

hey... I'll try anything.
Oh.. it is a beautiful rock and weird... the way it is shaped it fits my hand.

Day 1 - Took rock to bed.. It felt like a rock *L* squeezed everytime I could. When I woke up the rock was under my pillow... (wondered why I felt like I had a lump on my head *ROFL*
My fingers were stiff as usual, but it felt different and within the hour I was typing like crazy ... no pain... just tingles
I carried the rock all day and held it whenever I could and squeezed it.

Day 2 - Took rock to bed.. It felt like a rock *G* I put the rock in my hand and squeezed..... then left it lay in my hand. Each time I woke up in the night it was still in my hand... feeling very heavy on my fingers. I squeezed again.
When I woke up that morn.... there was no pain in my hand... NONE ... Zip... Zilch... Only tingles were there.
I carried the rock all day in my sweater pocket and got it out frequently to squeeze.
I typed up a storm all day :)

Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, etc. - I took my rock to bed.. It felt like a rock *LOL* I put the rock in my hand and squeezed... then left it lay in my hand. etc.

It is now over one week of carrying and squeezing my rock. I had been taking 800 mg. of motrin every four hours to combat the pain in my hand.

I have not taken ANY motrin since I've carried and squeezed my ROCK.

Believe what you will...... but know this ... It has helped me tremendously!!!!!!

UPDATE - It has been well over a month and I have no pains yet. I carry my rock with me so that it is nearby if I need it and yes... I have needed it after a long day of typing... But a good night of my rock in bed with me and I'm back to tingles and then gone again :)
It does work :)

UPDATE-00 - I occasionally have need of my Rock. But suddenly one day it quit working. I was devastated... I talked to the man that had sent it to me .. and of course he asked ...
" did you re-energize it??"
" HUH??? re-energize it?? it's a rock ..."
"Lay it out in the full moon" he says.
So I did. Then I tried it again ... It's strength was only half there.
"Wash the oils from it in the rain" he says.
"It's a Rock" ... I say
So I laid it again on the porch roof out my bedroom window and it rains on it and then the next full moon I place it there again to energize it.

Update-12/00 - I energize my rock frequently just to have it ready ... although I have not had any need for it in quite some time.

Although this is not an "Old Wives Tale" it seemed to fit into my category of cures ... so do forgive me for calling it such.

IMPORTANT!!! I am in no way offering this as medical advice, but passing it on as information that may be of interest ... You should always talk with your doctor about your medical concerns.

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