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This is mainly about one little ferret. Her name was Brittany. Brittany was a gift from my husband. One day I made the mistake of saying to him in a store... "Oh look, isn't she cute." I went on to another store and when I returned to our car... There she was in his arms, shaking, scared, looking around. I of course said to him "What on earth have you done????" He just handed her to me and said "She's all yours."

One has to wonder how someone could possibly fall in love with something that sort of smells like a skunk. Well we did just that. She was only 7 weeks old when we got her and she could crawl through a toilet paper tube with no problem. I remember the first time she had out grown it.. She got stuck and was walking around with it on her head.

She was a part of our family for 4 1/2 years. Lots of joys and lots of poop on the carpet.. *grin* Her two favorite things were Pepsi and Chocolate.


Hide Meow Mix in your shoe

Steal Barbie dolls and drag them across the floor by their hair

Steal your Customers Avon Order (chewing on eyeliner is a specialty) explaining to your customer is like telling the teacher (the dog ate my homework)

Disappear and be found later in the headboard of one of the kid's bed enjoying a big Hershey bar

Climb up underneath your covers.. bite your toes.. then run

Play in Daddy's boot

Climb on the garbage can to get a closer look at the bird

Run over top of little girls heads when they are asleep at a slumber party

These are just a few of the joys that Brittany brought to our hearts. This page is in her memory as she died in my arms on the eve of March 10, 1997.

You are forever in our hearts my furry little creature. Mommy and Family loves you and misses you.


Rainbow Bridge - If you ever wondered where you little baby went after he/she left you here on earth, read this wonderful story!!!! (Thanks Marg for letting me link it here)

Ferret Land - Highly informative ferret FAQ's... Don't miss this page. ~~smile~~

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