My Family

Meet my son Christian John ("Ornix" to many in netland") Senior Pic 1996
Christian who is my only son, has turned me into a "Grandma". Click on Christian's Senior pic to see him with his family.

I have 3 daughters (all teenagers "eeeks")

This is Casey Jo ("Karin" in netland) Age 18 (1998)and just graduated high school.
Casey has a zest for life and is always bubbly. She loves little kids and takes every opportunity now to run to her brothers to spend time with her new nephew. She worked in the school's office as a secretary helper and after school walked many elementary children to a daycare nearby. Her heart is in missionary work, so who knows what will lie ahead for her in her years. Click on her picture to see more about her.

Katie Joy ("BlueSheep" in netland)
Katie... my 15 (1999) year old has gone into the camera shy stage... we seldom get good pics of her without her sticking her tongue out at the camera *L* This one caught her off gaurd *G*. Katie is in the 10th grade and her interests lies in .... boys and boys and boys and boys.... *sigh* *LOL* She is an exceptional student with straight A's. One I never have to say .... "Is your homework done?" You can click on her pic to see some more about her.

Now for my baby of the family
Kendra Jean ("JellyBean" in netland) At age 13 (1998)she is glad to finally be a teenager with her big sisters, altho she reminds me quite often that she is my "baby" *G* She is finally in high school and so glad to be there. Guess she got tired of always hearing "You can't go ... you are too young". She is my challenge and shows me the meaning of "Dennis the Menace" *G* When something happens it is automatic to look at Kendra ..... and say "Dennis.. what did you do?" *LOL* You can click on her pic to see more about her.