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Thank you so very very much! :)

Hello, I'm the TaxLady and Welcome to my little home here in Pennsylvania. I hope you enjoy browsing thru my homepages.

You have now entered my little spot in this Net world.. ~~smile~~ I've been online now for a year and have learned so much I just had to share it with you..

I've tried to be browser friendly but I've learned no matter how hard I try... there is someone out there who just isn't going to see my pages the way I set them up. :( To bad to... I've worked so hard. ~~smile~~

You'll find lots here to look at. Things like backgrounds I've created, pictures I've painted, links to many sources, some fun in the DEN.

Also for you Income Tax buffs.... Links to the IRS and States for information and forms you can download.

Browse my children's pages and see angels, dolphins, & horses. And don't forget to see my baby on the page "All About Ferrets"

Wanna WIN an award for your homepage??? check it out... There are 3 to choose from.

See my Christmas Play I wrote.. ~~smile~~

If you are really brave... you can even see a little about me!! ~~grin~~

Whatever you choose to start with.. make sure you bookmark this page and return again soon as you'll never get thru all the pages in one visit!!!

Be sure and sign my guest book!!!

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