under the New Yahoo Webring Management

This page is set up for Current Webring users who have rings on their web pages and need to associate them with the new yahoo system.

If you have never joined any webrings before then go here. New to Webrings

Here are a few things that I have learned with the new yahoo Webring system.

You may want to open a second browser page so you can go back and forth from yahoo to the instructions here.

First ... you Must have a yahoo ID. Without it you cannot Associate any ring. If you already have a yahoo ID for something else in yahoo then you can use your existing one. If not get one Click HERE and get Yahoo ID . Click the NEW USER Sign Me Up.
Come back to this page and I'll show you where to go from there. :)

Step Two (if you already have your Yahoo ID) go back to the same page as above Click Here .

Take notice in the gray area above WELCOME TO YAHOO WEBRING if it says Welcome Guest!! then you need to sign in.. on the right of that same line click Sign in. After you sign in it will take you right back to the previous page.

For Existing Webring users

I thought it was complicated but it was only because Yahoo made it complicated. Here is step by step instructions in my *kid* English to help you understand how to make the rings work on your web sight

1. See Step Two above.

2. See CURRENT Webring user ... Click the *Sign in here* (NOTE: You must already be signed into Yahoo ID. So make sure it says Welcome *Your name* and not Welcome Guest up in that gray area before you do this #2. If it doesn't then read above in Step 2 and get signed in.

3. You are now in the management page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the WEBRING MEMBERS (Not Ringmasters which is listed first)
You first have to associate a ring with the yahoo system. To do this you need to know
a. the name of the ring
b. your site ID
c. your password
You can find the name of the ring and your site ID on the old ring fragment that is already on your homepage

Look in the html ring fragment coding that you placed on your page. This is a sample of the coding<BR>;id=1;next <BR> the ring=pafriends tells me the ring name is pafriends<BR> id=1 tells me that the site ID is 1<BR> now you just need your password... if you have forgotten it click the forgot password and it will be emailed to you (to whatever email address you listed in the old webring system)

4. You need to associate each and every ring that you belong to.

5. Now up top on that screen you are in or most any screen of the yahoo Webring look for *My Rings* and click it
It will take you to a page that lists all the webrings you have associated to yahoo.

6. Now for all the PROS of using the new yahoo Webring system.

Remember all those ring names and site id's and passwords you just hunted for ??? Well *big smile* you now only need your yahoo id name and password and yahoo will do all the work for you. [1 pt. for yahoo 0 pt. for old Webring system] :)

Remember all those graphics the Webring owners said *save and upload to your own server*?? Scratch that one now. :) You no longer have to fiddle with all that. [1pt. for yahoo 0 pt. for old system] :)

OK ... back to your *My Rings* page.
7. You need to get the Nav Bar. Copy and paste that code into the page that you have your present ring code. You can then remove the old code. (Note: maybe you want to leave the old one there until you've checked the page to see that the new code is there ... then delete the old one). The old Webring will continue to function for a few months during this transfer stage. People will be able to travel through the ring by clicking on *next* from either ring fragment.
MANDATORY: You must place the code on the exact page url that you have registered for that page (if you are unsure of what url you listed in the system click *manage* in the My Rings page and see where you listed the ring) or it won't work and you won't be in the ring. You will just be bypassed by patrons touring the page. This is an automatic code checker by yahoo and has zero tolerance. (Webring masters will understand and appreciate this when they have traveled through their rings looking for broken links and needing to delete them from the ring... We no longer will have to do this) [1 pt. for yahoo 0 pt. for old system] :)
STOP WHINING!!!! This is really good and it's going to work.


I'm going to use an example here to explain something
I belong to a couple of rings on my *About Ferrets* page. I associated those rings to yahoo, went to *my rings* page in yahoo, got the *Nav Bar* for one of those rings on the ferret page and copied and pasted it into the page. Voila!!! I went to the ferret page to preview the nav bar that I had put there and whhoooppie .. both of the rings were showing there. So ....... here's the scoop. You only need to place the code on your page once and any ring that you sign up for and associate to that page will automatically show up. :) No more bunches and bunches of codes for each ring on the same page. [1 pt. for yahoo 0 pt. for old system]
You do need to do that for each page that you are putting the rings on though. I have the couple on my ferret page and on my graphics page I have one but I needed to go to *My Rings* in yahoo and *Get Nav* for that ring for that page. Any other ring that I join and use the url of my graphic page would now automatically show up on my graphic page without me placing the code there again *YYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS* Seeeeee this isn't so bad. :)

Your rings will be up and running in no time.

I've gone one step further ... I place my rings on the corresponding pages that they pertain to but then I also like to have them all listed on one page as a rings page. To do that you simply need to place each code of each page once on the rings page. In other words... my rings page consists of 3 rings from my ferret page (one code pasted for those 3 rings), 1 ring code for the ring on my Pennsylvania Friends Webring page, 1 ring code for the one ring on my graphics page. Get the picture??? you can do that and have the rings listed on another page as long as they are also pasted on the page that you have them listed with yahoo. The yahoo system auto checks the url that you listed and finds the ring there ok but doesn't check the other page, yet if someone is traveling around your site and lost and wants to move on again in the ring , they can safely go to your webring link and find the ring also listed on your webring page and continue from there.


Hope this page has helped you a bit. :)