I've gone to the pigs... The little oinkers. I've collected the little darlings for several years. It all started way way back with Arnold and Gladys. Yep ... they were real piggies. Cuter than the dickens they were. Every time I looked at them I saw pork chops and couldn't wait til they grew up and were in my freezer.

Okay... Okay... so I ate them.. :) so suuuuey me!!! *LOL*

Someone gave me a little statue of a pig to remind me of Arnold and Gladys. Well that's what started the piggy phase. My children have given me piggies as gifts. It just boils down to one thing.

This page will take you to piggy places on the net. Click on the little piggy to visit them.

Pigs in a Polka - Dancing pigs all over.

Pig Latin Converter - Turn your page into Pig Latin.

A Preschool with lots of piggy ideas.... snacks, games, etc.


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