Welcome to the Class of 1977 from North Penn Jr/Sr High School

Blossburg, Pennsylvania


This page is being set up for our classmates to get in touch with each other.


Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

If you do not wish to be listed please ... fill out the form anyhow to let at least me know where you are. You have the option of being listed here or not on the form.

Ummmmm ... In case no one noticed ... We aren't getting any younger *grin*

Thanks and hugs :)

Cheryl (Kirkendall) Roan

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Name Email Homepage ICQ #
Christine (Bogaczyk) King Email None None
Kathy (Bubacz) Hemenway Email None None
Matthew Crane Email None None
Lu Ann (Chamberlin) Cummings Email None None
Sherry (Fessler) Antes Email None ICQ#3113780
Deanna (Haddow) Mitstifer Email None None
Howard Johnson Email None ICQ#18237713
Cheryl (Kirkendall) Roan Email TaxLady's Corner ICQ#1182809
Ralph LeBlanc Email None ICQ#23512667
Rose Wesneski Email None None
Gary Wilcox Email None ICQ#6169605

Class of 1977

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