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"Watermark" - Enya


As I lay in bed
I think only of you
My eyes start to feel heavy
For the tears can't be held back any more.

Then when I fall asleep
My eyelids..., swollen so heavy and red,
Cover my eyes which become as bright shining sunlight
As I dream about you.

But the morning comes soon
And my eyes open only to
The darkness and emptiness in my heart.


See the stars so shiny and bright
So high up above
As I lay here, the tears I fight
from loss of your love

I watch them twinkle in the sky
Shiny, bright and true
I lay and wonder why oh why
Oh why was it you

Once there was a time I trusted
You above the rest
Only you it was I lusted
You, the very best

Heavy and weary now my heart
Tearing me inside
What you've done has torn it apart
I feel it has died

You were the shining star of life
Twinkle in my eye
I was happy to be your wife
Now I say goodbye.


In my loneliness and despair
I start to think that no one cares
As I sit and think of all my fears
I can't help but bring on some tears

I find that I'm very confused
While I feel others are amused
Does anyone there really care?
Do you think maybe I don't dare?

The day will come, just watch and see
When there won't be anymore ME...


My loneliness goes not away
It's here to stay another day
Why can't we learn that life is untrue
Would truely save us from being blue

The Stress.. The Strife.. is such a strain
Why do we let ourselves feel pain.


My life is hanging by a thread
Oh how I wish that I were dead
I've lost the one that I love
So take me now to up above.


The sun shines brightly
The birds are singing their songs
I am in darkness....




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