Thank you for visiting this page. A few years ago my children's Sunday School was desperately looking for a play to present for their Christmas Program. Because of the size and the age group of their Sunday School all of the plays that they looked at in books either required too many characters or was for older age groups.

It was into October and they still had not come up with anything for their Christmas Program. My Mom, who has been a teacher there for more than 30 years looked at me and said "Can't you come up with some idea for us to do for a program".

I sort of looked at her and laughed saying "Yeah, right!!!" *G*

The strangest thing happened to me when I came home that Sunday Afternoon... I was sitting in my office and wondering why she ever thought I of all people could possibly do anything to help them. Afterall, I'm really not a creative person.

But I picked up my pen and thought I'd try to write a play. It just seemed to pour out faster than I could write. The Sunday School liked it and the next thing I knew, I was writer, producer, and director of the play...

Was there some heavenly hand guiding me??? I don't know.. but whatever it was it kept on guiding me as I got another creative idea. I searched thru the attic and found velvety material I had stored there and came up with another brilliant idea...

Why do I do these things... *L* I made 3 Wise Men's robes, and then found more material and made Mary and Joseph's robes. I must be nuts right???? I'm a busy lady... but yet I was driven to do this.

I feel that now is the time to share it with you. If your Church or Church School is looking for a play to do for your Christmas Program please read my play.

I have only one request.....

I ask that if you take my play, please send me email telling me that you are using my play. Send email to Please tell me what town, state and country you are from.

It is my only way of knowing if anyone liked the play or not.

Now on to the Play!!!!!!! Click on the DreamCross to enter

I hope you enjoy it

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