Break out of Frames

All graphics found in Cherdon's Creative Corner are free for your personal use. (Businesses see below)

I ask that you place a link on the page you have used the graphics ... it can be small at the bottom of your page. You can copy and paste the following code into your page ...


<font size=2>Some graphics by: <a href="">Cherdon </A>
and it will look like this ... Some graphics by: Cherdon


You can choose one of the following logos
you must save them and upload them to your own server!!!!! Please do not link to my server....

TL Designs & Graphics banner

TL Designs & Graphics animated banner

TaxLady logo Tax logo 2

BUSINESSES: It is okay to use my graphics for your business pages but it is mandatory to place the link back to my page and I would appreciate an email with the url to your site so I can visit.

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